Integrated Concept for Converting Solid Waste to Energy (InConSolE) – Waste to Biocoal for Power Generation is an ongoing research project at BUET. The research is a joint effort of the Departments of Chemical Engineering (ChE) , and Glass and Ceramic Engineering (GCE).  It is funded by the Bangladesh Energy and Power Research Council (BEPRC).

This project will assess the feasibility of a new conversion route for solid waste to intermediate fuel feedstock for power generation. The concept combines state of the art technologies for generating electricity in the most efficient way with minimum impact on the environment. This can provide multiple levels of benefit to the urban societies which produce substantial amount of waste. Solid waste, although currently dumped as landfill, has significant potential for energy generation. The proposed technology would simultaneously process waste with minimum land requirement, contribute electricity to the national grid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from waste decomposition.

Contract Signing with BEPRC
Amin Bazar Landfill, DNCC
Hydrothermal Reactor
MSW to Biocoal
Moisture Analyser
Filtration unit and Kjeldhal Apparatus
Rotary evaporator
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